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Tax & Accounting

Sato & Akasaki Accounting Office

Bookkeeping & Report We will provide bookkeeping service and prepare monthly report. We can communicate
directly with the finance team of of HQ. We can also support ERP software used in HQ.
Tax Filing We will prepare and file tax returns of corporate tax, consumption and other applicable taxes. We can prepare English translations for HQ if needed.
Tax Notification We will prepare and submit application forms for blue return and all other necessary
documents upon establishment of your company. We also support the preparation and filing of application form for income tax convention and other tax related documents. We can prepare documents in English for HQ.
Tax Consultation Our bilingual professionals will provide tax consultations.
Documentation related to
BEPS Project
Based on the recommendations of OECD’s BEPS, Japanese National TAX Agency has regulated that all Japanese corporations and foreign corporations with permanent establishments that is a Constituent Entity of a Specified Group need to submit Notification for Ultimate Parent Entity, Master File and CbCR. AKIA can support you the preparation of these documents.
For more details please refer to this
Attending at Tax Audit We will attend tax audit, intra-company audit or audit by auditing firms.
Consumption Tax Refund
We will support foreign companies without any PE or offices in Japan to claim refund of
consumption tax based on their activities in Japan.
Withholding Tax Declaration
We will support withholding tax declaration (preparation of tax payment slips and payments)
of salary, compensation and overseas remittance.
Individual Tax Filing Support We support individual tax filing of clients' directors and employees.